The Air of Positive Change: Mask Co x The Pyjama Foundation

22 Mar 2024

We're very excited to spotlight one of our amazing partnerships, Mask Co. Whose incredibly generous pledge is donating 50% of profits from The Pyjama Foundation Range of air fresheners to our Love of Learning Program!  

We met with Mask Co Founder Jason Morrisby to get his thoughts on the partnership and to find out which of the lolly-inspired scents is the biggest hit! All will be revealed below, so let’s dive in.

What drew you to support children in care through this partnership?

In addition to The Foundation's incredible work, I knew our customers would appreciate the partnership, as most have kids. 

Can you tell us a little about the process of developing and producing The Pyjama Foundation Range?

Sure! We worked with designer Jo Cutri who created the concept of having the kids draw the illustrations for the labels and boxes. The kids did a great job, and I'm sure they are excited to see their amazing artwork on our products.

What impact do you hope to achieve through the proceeds from the sales benefiting The Pyjama Foundation?

We hope to support and train more Pyjama Angels for one-on-one support. Some kids do it tough, so we are delighted that we can help out in any way we can, even in a small way.  

Can you share any feedback or responses you've received from customers about the collaboration and the air fresheners?

Many mums have mentioned that their kids have hijacked the sprays and used them in their rooms! It's a fun range, and many kids (and adults!) love the lolly-inspired scents.

What would you say to other businesses to encourage them to support causes in the community?

As a brand, there has to be a purpose behind what you do. Money can't be the sole motivator - that's unsustainable. It has to be something bigger than that.

What is the most popular fragrance in The Pyjama Foundation Range?

Banana Lollies. The folks at the warehouse agree, too. There's always a packet of banana lollies in our work fridge. I guess we haven't grown up! 

As you can see, Mask Co is such a fantastic, Aussie owned and operated business that truly cares about the community. We are extremely grateful for their collaboration with us and still can’t get over how amazing all the fragrances smell! Get your hands on them here.