Fundraise at Work

Fundraising brings a sense of community to the workplace, and there are lots of ways you can get involved!  

Office Bake Sale 

  • Organise a bake sale during break times, where employees can bring in homemade treats to sell. Then donate proceeds going to The Pyjama Foundation. 

Lunchtime Trivia 

  • Host a lunchtime trivia event, charging a fee for participation. You could even incorporate pyjama-themed questions.

Fitness Challenge 

  • Create a fitness challenge, like a step count competition or a group exercise class, with participants contributing a set amount for each milestone reached. 

Games Tournament

  • Challenge your coworkers to some friendly competition!
  • Bring out some old favourites for the tournament like UNO, Scrabble or Jenga.
  • Set up a pay to play tournament and donate the funds to The Pyjama Foundation. 

Pyjama Run/Walk 

  • Organise a fun run or walk event where participants wear their favourite pyjamas.
  • Collect registration fees and encourage employees to seek additional pledges from friends and family for every kilometre covered. 

There are also plenty of volunteering opportunities for your team to get involved with The Pyjama Foundation! If your team would like to bond by giving back to the community, please get in touch with us today.