Our Favourite Children's Books

10 Nov 2023
The world of children's literature is in an exciting boom, and with so many wonderful stories to choose from, sometimes it helps to have some recommendations. So today, we're bringing you some of our favourite new (ish) kids' books! We've linked all the books, so if want to get your hands on any story in particular simply click the title. 

Reading is a fantastic activity to do when spending time with the little people in your life. Benefiting young minds in so many ways, reading helps children understand the world around them, build self-confidence, vocabulary, and literacy skills, plus it can be a whole lot of fun!

Let’s dive into some recommendations for new books that are sure to make a little one smile. 

Baby Books (0+)

In the baby books category, we have 4 new favourites. Using bright colours to celebrate individuality, and promote self-esteem, these baby books are bound to engage the littlest of bubs, building confidence and self-love from day one 


By Anna Walker

You're Fabulous as You Are

By Sophie Beer

I Love Me

By Sally Morgan

Our Dragon

By Mem Fox

Early Childhood Books (3+)

For the early childhood category, there are plenty of options to choose from. With stories that delve into mindfulness practices, how to handle big feelings, using your voice, being true to yourself, or simply for some entertainment, these books will nourish growing and inquisitive minds.

My Shadow is Purple

By Scott Stuart

Bluey: Queens

Boss of Your Own Body

By Byll & Beth Stephen

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

By Aaron Blabey

That's Not My Name!

By Anoosha Syed

Mindful Moo

By Divina Rankin

Bluey: Swim School

Our Home, Our Heartbeat

By Adam Briggs

Young Readers (5+)

The books for ages 5 and up are brilliant representations of resilience, hope, and highlight the importance of community. Plus, the Auslan Alphabet is a fantastic educational communicative tool! These reads will educate, entertain, and inspire.  

This Story is Not About a Kitten

By Randall de Seve

Auslan Alphabet

By Emma Watkins

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

By Mac Burnett

How Far You'll Go

By Tim McCanna

Elementary Readers (7+)

Great for progressing readers, these books are tales of young people finding their way, going on adventures, and understanding friendships. 

Koori Princess

By Anita Heiss


By Anh Do


By Craig Silvey

Stuff Happens

By Oliver Phommavanh

Pre-Teen Reading (9+)

This group of reads are perfect for developing or independent readers. Dealing with more mature themes like challenges, and growth, some are adventure and action filled, while some are just perfect for a laugh. 


By Barbara O'Connor

The Little Wave

By Pip Harry

The 130-Storey Treehouse

By Andy Griffiths

The Fall

By Tristan Bancks

Young Teen Reading (12+)

For our mature readers we have an array of books featuring adventures, roller derbies, friendship, and inspirational stories. These books will keep those pages turning

The Jammer

By Nova Weetman

This Book Thinks Ya Deadly!

By Corey Tutt

August & Jones

By Pip Harry


By Tahereh Mafi

These age groups are sourced and recommended, but we understand that everybody is different! If you’re looking for tools to find the perfect book for a young person in your life, this method is a great start 

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for new books to read with or give to the little people in your life! If you’d like to support The Pyjama Foundation, head to the donate or volunteer tabs on our website. And join us in making a difference in the lives of children care.