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The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation works to disrupt the system of disadvantage and positively impact the inequitable life trajectories evidenced for children and young people from an out-of-home care background. 

This occurs through the thoughtful matching process of screened and trained volunteer mentors with a child in care with the intention of them becoming a significant adult in the young person’s life who positively influence their life outcomes.

The reason why we support kids and young people in care

Nationally, approximately 46,200 children were in out-of-home care (OOHC) as at 30 June 2021. That's 1 in 32 of all Australian children.

The social and economic impact of the Child Protection system is substantial.

The Pyjama Foundation has been working for more than 18 years to improve the life outcomes of children and young people who find themselves within the system.

Research shows that kids in out-of-home care (OOHC) often face worse health outcomes than their peers. This is because neglect, addiction, family violence, and other forms of abuse can harm their brain development. Additionally, disruptions to family bonds and structures play a role. 

These tough experiences are commonly known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ACEs can have lasting effects on a child's health, well-being, and overall life. They are stressful or traumatic events that happen during childhood (before age 18).

Snapshot of what we’ve achieved so far


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Hours of support provided to children and young people

Our Programs

We support kids and young people in out of home care through our Love of Learning and Teen Life Skills programs

Pyjama Angels, or mentors, undertake a variety of activities with the child they support. They do not follow a structured program but rather respond to the unique needs of the child and meet them where they're at. This is the beauty of the Love of Learning Program.

It's everything from bouncing on the trampoline with a child to help calm their nervous system after a day in the classroom, to engaging with everything 'bug-themed' because the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder responds best this way.

It's consistent, unwavering, one on one time showing the child that someone is there just for them, unpaid and excited to engage whichever activity makes them feel a sense of fulfilment and pride.

Love of Learning Program (0-11 years)

The Pyjama Foundation believes that having a trusted mentor can help kids in out-of-home care connect with learning, allowing them to succeed in school and life. Our Love of Learning Program is all about creating positive relationships. In this program, volunteer mentors, known as Pyjama Angels, are paired with children in out-of-home care to provide them with comprehensive support.

Teen Life Skills Program (12-24 years)

Our Teen Life Skills program is an extension of our Love of Learning Program offered and designed for young people from 12 to 24 years of age. The Teen Life Skills Program provides young people with a caring mentor who creates a fun and engaging environment to guide the young person along a journey of self discovery, learning and achievement.