Meet the Team

Welcome to The Pyjama Foundation's Team! Our team is a diverse group hailing from all walks of life, united by a shared mission: to brighten and empower the lives of children and young individuals in out-of-home care. 

Welcome to The Pyjama Foundation's Team!

While we operate within a challenging and sometimes heart-wrenching sector, our primary focus is to bring hope and happiness into the lives that truly matter. At the heart of our efforts is the Love of Learning Program.

Our central objective is clear: to elevate the educational and life trajectories of children and young people in foster care.

We achieve this with the help of our amazing volunteer mentors who empower children and youth by honing their literacy and numeracy skills, while simultaneously providing them with essential emotional support.

Head Office Team

Bronwyn Sheehan OAM

CEO and Founder

Alison Gosper

General Manager

Kirsten Austin

Head of Partnerships

Tash Hodson

National Volunteer Manager

Carina Fetiveau

National Marketing and Campaigns Manager

Mel Green

Regional Support Manager

Kevin Gallard

Head of Curriculum and Training

Brianna Burraston

Community Events and Engagement Manager

Liz Calligeros

Content Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator

Clare McGhee

Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

Lizzy Driscoll

Database and Systems Administrator

Lindsey Phillips

Teen Life Skills Coordinator

Sophie Burraston

Program Support

Noor Saadi

Program Coordinator

Zoe Mangham

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Manager

Julia Clark

Screening and Compliance Manager

Meredith Stratford

Administration and Program Support

Nikki Woodforde

Accounts and Database Administrator

Regional Queensland Team

Renee Didlick

Sunshine Coast Coordinator

Karen Smith

Darling Downs Coordinator

Stephanie Reardon

Gold Coast Coordinator

Joeleen Bettini

Far North QLD Coordinator

Andrew Hannay

North QLD Coordinator

New South Wales Team

Megan Guenther

New South Wales Coordinator

Billie-Ann Kingdom

NSW Program Support Coordinator

Josh Gale

NSW Program Support

Victoria Team

Brigit King

Victoria Program Coordinator

Ivy Bennett

VIC Program Support