Sweet Treats and Big Hearts: Ritchie’s Recipe for Giving Back

26 Mar 2024
Meet Ritchie, a little baker with a big heart! With just his mixing bowl and a sprinkle of kindness, he baked up a storm on his street to help children in need, he even hand delivered his donation to The Pyjama Foundation head office! 

“Mum said we could do a bake sale for the neighbours in our street. We had to make cupcakes and brownies and drinks for all our customers. Mum and dad and my brothers helped with serving customers. It was hectic! 

So many people came to our sale, and we sold everything! We made so much money and Mum told me about The Pyjama Foundation and how they help foster kids, so we decided to give them the money because they could use it to buy books for kids,” Ritchie said. 

After his first bake sale, Ritchie and his two younger brothers have since started another street wide fundraiser from the family garage named Coffee Paradise (though the boys spell it ‘Coffey Paradise’) and are still donating the money raised to support children in out-of-home care.  

“It’s called Coffey Paradise and we’re going to make thousands of dollars,” the budding entrepreneur said.  

Ritchie’s passion for giving back and youthful enthusiasm is just beautiful to witness, and we are so grateful that he is now a regular donor to The Pyjama Foundation’s cause. You might also recognise him from some of our marketing materials because since his first donation, he’s helped us with photoshoots and as a voice actor. 

When asked how he feels about donating to The Love of Learning Program his response was simple. 

“Pretty cool actually! I love books and reading Harry Potter and I hope all the kids in the world can have books too so that they can be happy.  

It’s easy and fun to have a bake sale and you get to eat chocolate! Sometimes money is good, but even if you don’t have money, you can be kind,” Ritchie said.  

Ritchie is proof that it doesn’t take age, or corporate connections to host your own fundraiser and make an impact, it just takes passion.  

If you’d like to learn more about hosting your own fundraiser, find more information here