Donor Spotlight: A Legacy of Love

14 Mar 2024

For many years, June has lit up The Pyjama Foundation office with her unwavering commitment as both a Pyjama Angel mentor and a pillar of support behind the scenes with the team in Brisbane.  

June has been a Pyjama Angel since 2008, when she had her first volunteer placement. Her ‘Pyjama Child’ was only 8 years old, and June has been a big part of her life ever since. In a home with many children, June has not only been mentoring her one placement, but has become a role model and friend to all the children in the home.  

“It has been so good for me to see my Pyjama Children grow over the years and even start work commitments...

Program is helping make these kids dreams come true.

There was no question we want to see it progress for the next generation. There are more children coming into care every day,June said.

Sadly, June is right, when she began her Pyjama Angel journey in 2008 there were approximately 35,000 children in care. But today, that number has grown to approximately 46,000. This influx puts a strain on the system, including on foster carers, who dedicate their time and open their homes to children who need it.  

“It is such an amazing thing what we Pyjama Angels do for these kids and Foster Carers. The Carers deeply appreciate our support... 

The Angels make an impact and difference for these amazing Carers who are the unsung heroes of the system. It is so important to keep this Program running in the future to assist them.  

Supporting both the Carers and the kids is so important. Pyjama Angels are a support role that needs to continue,” June said.  

June’s dedication to children and their foster carers is truly incredible. She’s already imparted 16 years of support for The Pyjama Foundation, and yet she still wanted to do more. So, her and her husband decided to leave a lasting legacy for children in care, by leaving a gift in their will to The Pyjama Foundation. 

“There are going to be so many more children in the future who need our help. We can help all these kids by leaving a gift in our Will. Helping children like my girl to gain a love of learning is very important to us.  

As a volunteer, The Pyjama Foundation has done so much for me personally as well, so giving back was a no brainer,” June said.  

It’s beautiful supporters like June that keep The Pyjama Foundation thriving and able to support more children every day. If you, like June, would like to leave a lasting legacy for children in care, learn more here