Battle of The Brains Pyjama Trivia Night is all about coming together with your friends, family and colleagues to go head to head with other teams to see which team is the smartest – taking out the title of ‘Trivia Champion 2017’! It’s also about raising much-needed funds for children in foster care who deserve a brighter start in life. Participants are encouraged to throw on their pyjamas or onesies (to add to the fun) while battling against other teams in 10 epic rounds – with trivia questions drawn from general knowledge, fun facts, music, movies and sports.


Depending on your location, the events will be held on a Friday or Saturday Night in March.

Ticket Price

From $20 per brain!

Team sizes

Teams of 6-8 depending on your chosen location

Dress Code

Wear your favourite pair of PJ’s or onesies!

Choose your location

Test your knowledge


Which animal has no ears, eyes, nose, no brain or heart?


Riboflavin is also known as which one of the B vitamins?


Clint Eastwood won his second Best Director Oscar for which 2004 movie?


Which of the Grand Slam tennis singles did Arthur Ashe never win?


True of False: the symbol for plutonium is P?

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