Queensland children in foster and kinship care will have greater opportunities to reach their potential and improve their literacy and numeracy skills, thanks to additional Queensland Government funding for The Pyjama Foundation.

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman announced today a further $880,000 to the end of 2017 for the organisation to expand its Love of Learning program to more vulnerable children and help meet growing demand.

“The Pyjama Foundation does a wonderful job improving the lives of children in out-of-home care, so I’m delighted to announce they will receive extra funding for the next three years for this learning-based mentor program,” she said.

“This equates to an extra $152,000 of funding from my department and this will allow the Pyjama Foundation to recruit, train and support more volunteers known as Pyjama Angels.

“The Angels visit children in foster or kinship care to read, play games and puzzles and assist with homework.

“The Love of Learning program achieves excellent results, improving the literacy and numeracy skills of participating children, as well as their self-confidence.”

The Pyjama Foundation also provides resource libraries in every region where Pyjama Angels can borrow books, games and puzzles to take on their visits.

Ms Fentiman said the Pyjama Foundation recruited and trained more than 800 volunteers during the in 2013-14 financial year, who supported 835 foster children each week.

“The invaluable work of the Pyjama Foundation is making a real difference to the lives of vulnerable Queensland children and this additional funding will increase the number of children who are able to benefit from the program,” she said.

“Many of the Pyjama Angels are teachers, students and professionals from a wide range of disciplines – all of whom are positive role models for the children they support.”

For more information on child protection and foster and kinship care in Queensland visit www.communities.qld.gov.au.